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Slazar Construction Inc. serves as the clients' advocate…the single point of contact between owner/user groups, architects and the field labor force. Through its extensive industry experience, Slazar has come to know the local construction community firsthand. With a working knowledge of those qualifications, specialties and building practices, Slazar relieves clients of the day-to-day tasks associated with the construction process, while keeping them informed and involved in project decisions.


Slazar Construction Inc. is known for its highly trained and skilled employees. We also accommodate peak construction times with additional field construction workers as required. Our staff includes a core group of engineers, project managers, cost estimators and schedulers. Working as a team and keeping sight of client goals, we are dedicated to assuring that the final product is a quality facility and exactly what the client asked for.


Since 2004 we are committed to total customer satisfaction and long-term relationship with our clients, maintaining our integrity in business dealings coupled with our professionalism and team approach to projects ensures the highest standards of quality on time and within budget.

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